Tonight, in a central hotel in Athens, the InSocial institute and the PASOK-Movement for Change open the agenda of the local governmentwith prominent mayors and regional governors contributing to the debate, such as Stavros Arnautakis, Dimitris Kouretas, Haris Doukas, Yiannis Moralis, Stelios Angeloudis, Simos Danielidis, Kostas Askounis, Yiannis Constantatos, Panagiotis Simandirakis, George Marinakis and others.
The President of PASOK-Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakis, will also speak at the event, who will present his proposals for a local self-government close to the citizen and in a leading role for issues of civil protection, energy transition and high level social policy services.

The conference will start at 17:00 at the Divani Caravel Hotel.


Opening greeting: Nikos Christodoulakis, Head of InSocial & former Minister

Thematic section: Institutions – transparency in local government (17:10)

Coordinator: Giannis Ioannidis, former Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior
– Maria Androutsou, Mayor of Agios Dimitrios
– Kostas Askounis, elected Mayor of Kallithea
– Danielidis Simos, Mayor of Neapolis – Sykeon
– Doxastakis Zacharias, Mayor of Hersonissos
– Euthymiou Andreas, Mayor of Moschatos – Tavros
-Yorgos Karamanolis, Digital Governance Consultant/ Digital Society Action Coordinator
– Marinakis Giorgos, Mayor of Rethymnon

Thematic section: Modern, sustainable and green cities (18:10)

Coordinator: Giorgos Papoulias, scientific director of InSocial
-Angeloudis Stelios, elected Mayor of Thessaloniki
-Duke Haris, elected Mayor of Athens
-Marinakis Vangelis, assistant professor E.M.P.
-Moralis Yiannis, Mayor of Piraeus
– Simandirakis Panagiotis, Mayor of Chania

Interventions (19:00)

– Stavros Arnautakis, Regional Governor of Crete
– Dimitris Kouretas, elected Regional Governor of Thessaly

Speech by Nikos Androulakis, President of PASOK-Movement for Change (19:15)

Thematic section: Civil protection & resilience (19:50)

Coordinator: Xenos Maniatogiannis, former Mayor of Vrilissi
-Georgizas Yiannis, general manager of the Sustainable Cities Network
– Konstantatos Yiannis, Mayor of Hellinikon – Argyroupoli, Head of SPA
– Liakoulis Evangelia, Secretary K.O. PASOK-Movement of Change & responsible K.T.E. Self-government
– Papadopoulos Theodoros, Mayor of Thermi
– Tasos Chomenidis, Dr. Civil Engineer E.M.P.