Zezé Di Camargo’s fiancee confirms fake account, but denies authorship of attacks: ‘People had access’


Zezé Di Camargo’s fiancée, Graciele Lacerda spoke out about the accusations of having a fake Instagram profile that allegedly made malicious comments criticizing the singer’s family.

In an interview with Domingo Espetacular, on Record, the influencer admitted that the account is hers, but denied that she was the author of the attacks. According to her, the account was created with her email and address precisely because she had no “intention to mess with anyone”, and that people on her team had access.

“I created a team and both my personal and fake profiles, people had access, people who lived with me had the password. I trusted people, there was no malice, I left my cell phone for anyone who wanted to take it, several people had access”, she said to Carolina Ferraz.

According to her, this profile has existed for years. As time went by, she claims to have forgotten about it because she no longer needed to use it.

Graciele says she created the user as a way to defend herself from attacks she received because of her relationship with Zezé.

“Since we came out, I have suffered attacks and for years I kept quiet out of respect, there are children involved. It’s very unfair, Zezé got tired of what he was living, [o casamento com Zilu] it was a relationship that no longer existed due to several factors. Today, it doesn’t bother me anymore that people talk about the two of us.”

Source: Folha

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