“A positive climate of good neighborliness with Greece has begun after the fires in Greece and the earthquakes in Turkey. In order for this climate to continue mutually, we are doing everything we can,” said the Turkish minister Defense Yasar Gulerspeaking to the Turkish television network NTV.

“As two neighboring armed forces, we will develop and strive to develop these good, friendly relations. We believe we can do it” said the Minister of Defense of Turkey.

Referring to the meetings of the two countries on Confidence Building Measures, the Turkish minister stated that “it is not a process that was started to solve problems, but to strengthen confidence”. As he said, this is a process that has been established to strengthen trust. “We believe that it will be strengthened by the decisions that will be made there,” he said, stressing that “we will continue to conduct our exercises with mutual respect. We will try to conduct our activities in the same way, with mutual respect.”

He also added: “there are mutual high-level visits. We believe that we will definitely carry them out mutually. We discussed this there with my counterpart. Mr. Dendias had also visited the earthquake affected area in the past, then as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He said he has been watching the work being done there and wanted to see it. I invited him with great joy. It will come in February or March.”

Spies against Berlin for Eurofighters

The Turkish Minister of Defense, Yasar Guler, however, he criticized the Germany for refusal to approve the sale of Eurofighters to Turkey; however, expressing optimism that Berlin will eventually be convinced.

He said that the Eurofighter is a good alternative for his country and revealed that Turkey has been dealing with this issue for 2-3 years. The Turkish minister stated that Ankara is looking for an alternative solutionhowever, noting that “if we can implement the issues we have discussed with our friends, we may not need them. But we need them right now».

He expressed his optimism that other allies they will be able to convince Germany to back down from objections tHer: “Both Spain and England have no problem. That’s how it should be anyway. I mean, we’re both NATO members, and a NATO member is now against us getting these weapons. (The Germans) always have different excuses, you know.”

“We are a member of NATO, but another member opposes the sale of these aircraft,” said Yasser Guler, commenting that “there can be no explanation for an ally saying: ‘I will not give you the aircraft’.”

Regarding the ongoing negotiations on United States for the acquisition from Turkey F-16 fighters, the Turkish Defense Minister stated that “there doesn’t seem to be any problem at the moment. In other words, we believe everything is going well.”

At the same time, he emphasized that Turkey has made significant strides and has reached a very good point in its defense industry. He expressed hope that Turkey will have developed its own 5th generation fighter aircraft in the next period and on December 27 the maiden flight of KAAN will take place, he said.

Yasar Guler also responded to the comments regarding the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system, if it is installed and active. “The S-400 is a defensive weapon. Did someone attack us and we didn’t use it?’ was his rhetorical question and he said that “if anyone is thinking about that they will see what happens to them when we need to use our defensive weapons, they will see what the S-400 or our other defense systems will do.”