The president of the SYRIZA-PS parliamentary group called “the privatization of municipal water supply-sewerage companies a pre-announced crime against self-government, against citizens and against the public good of water”. Socrates Famousin a greeting he addressed to the extraordinary general assembly of the Union of Municipal Water Supply-Sewage Companies.

He then explained:The plan for the amalgamation of municipal water supply and sewerage companies aims to create a larger economic object, more attractive for the concession of water supply and sewerage infrastructure to private individuals through PPP. It is not a new design. It was announced by the secretary general of the Waste Management Coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in Ioannina, in September 2020. The government of the New Democracy, for the last 4.5 years, did everything it could to ensure that DEYA did not have staff, in order to be in debt with exorbitant energy costs, to not have access to develop renewable energy projects. The readjustment clause was the choice of the government and is responsible for the over-indebtedness of DEYA. The government also chose to exclude the RES projects of the DEYA and the energy communities from the priority they had for connection to the electricity grid. And today, she is citing debt and poor performance to implement her plan, even though she herself is primarily responsible for this situation».

He also noted that any maneuvers and delays on the part of the government are not aimed at improving any project: “The issue is not whether there will be 15 or 25 new operators. If the New Democracy government really wants to have an honest discussion with local government, it should stop the study being prepared for PPP schemes in sewerage infrastructure through NSRF, and cancel the provisions of 2022 for the mandatory three-year concession of new sewage treatment infrastructure to individuals. He should also repeal the expanded “Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority” of Law 5037, which he is undoing anyway with the plan he is currently debating».

Concluding his presentation, Mr. Famellos referred to the recent decisions of the Council of State regarding EYDAP and EYATH:The government was forced to comply with the decisions of the Council of State at the behest of the Council of Compliance of the CoE and to return the shares of EYDAP and EYATH to the State. And now he has set his sights on the infrastructures of DEYA and self-government. Another unconstitutional provision against the property of the self-government and its powers. It is time for the self-government to come of age and show its political size against the government’s plan. Since the government wishes to cover the exorbitant energy costs charged by DEYA, it must keep the promises it makes to the self-government from 2021 and subsidize them accordingly, supporting the institution of municipal enterprises. The self-government must mobilize together with the workers and the citizens, to oppose a plan that will not benefit the citizens but only a few contractors. We as SYRIZA will support this effort, as we have been doing for 4.5 years, inside and outside the Parliament“, write down.