During his speech in the debate on the budget, the president of the KO of SYRIZA-PS, Sokratis Famellos, spoke of the “painful effort” of the ministers and MPs of the New Democracy “to convince the citizens that the country is living a unique era of prosperity”.

But he argued himself, “this effort is obviously carefully planned”, but “it is in complete contrast to what the citizens live”.

“No matter how much propaganda you use, you can’t hide that the biggest problem today is accuracy, because of your economic policy,” he said, denouncing a “greed inflation,” that is, inflation “largely driven by corporate profits” and it is not “imported”. He even accused the ND that with these “distortions of the market” and “competition problems”, “society and the economy are suffering”.

In particular, he referred to major events of this year in which “every feeling of security, armor and resilience collapsed” and above all the “credibility” of the prime minister, from fires and floods, to fan violence and precision.

“But what destroyed any sense of credibility was your decision to reject the proposal to conduct a preliminary committee” for Tempi by the Parliament, he underlined, while commenting that in this particular case “clear sky lightning is not afraid” does not apply.

Continuing, S. Famellos accused the government of promoting an “injustice” plan, with “property and income redistribution”, where “a few become richer and more and more are affected because they have no support in the power system” and that in order to “cover them ” all this, he implements “a parallel plan of propaganda, influencing the media and manipulating public opinion as well as opacity and degradation of institutions”.