Turkish unmanned BAYRAKTAR TB3 has made a continuous flight of 30 hours.

He will begin the visions on an aircraft carrier. It has the ability to transport and launch weapons systems, as Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul.

The television network ULKE TV reported: “It has many features such as folding wings, ability to be airlifted to aircraft carriers, domestic production and many properties. Our pride Bayraktar TB3 stayed on air for a full 30 hours. The TB3 Bayraktar armed unmanned aerial vehicle broke another record. TB3 has retractable wings and has now made its longest flight. It stayed in the air for 30 hours straight.”

TV network TGRT HABER reported: “In this test flight, the Bayraktar TB3 reached a height of 20,000 feet. Next year, this unmanned aircraft is expected to make its first test landings on the aircraft carrier. Anadolu.”

Erdogan: Israel’s attacks are based on slaughter and robbery

“The tyrants will be punished within 2024”

Erdogan said: “There is an issue in the world system and we see this in the terrible reactions of the countries of the world towards the crimes against humanity that are happening in Gaza. Indeed these countries that could do something, are not preventing what is happening in Gaza. He who would like to do something, does not have the possibility. It is a shame for humanity that so many glorious states sit idly by Israel’s savage attacks based on slaughter and robbery.

History will judge this disgusting image, those who caused it, who turn a blind eye and attempt to legitimize it, as they deserve. We believe that this must happen now. Our efforts find a greater response in the world. We believe that 2024 will be a year in which the oppressors will be punished as they deserve and the wounds of the oppressed will be healed.”