The refutation of the Minister of Labor, Adonis Georgiadis, was categorical. regarding the existence of an agreement between Pakistan and Greece to import 500,000 land workers into our country.

Speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI the minister of labor emphasized that the post of the minister of Pakistan in which it was mentioned that there will be an interstate agreement for the introduction of 500,000 workers in the construction industry, which was mentioned by Mr. Kasselakis, was denied by the minister himself.

“Pakistan is not among our political priorities,” he said and added that “it is shameful that Mr. Kasselakis refers to the first post of the minister of Pakistan and not to the second one in which he himself denies the information and waits for Mr. Mitsotakis to answer him”.

According to Mr. Georgiadis “the countries with which we are ready to proceed with an agreement are Georgia, Moldova and India and as he said he estimates that the relevant agreement will be signed in the first quarter of 2024. The next countries, as the minister announced, will be the Philippines, Vietnam and Armenia.”

“We will take from a few workers from each country” he noted and added that if the opposite happened we would create a problem in the country. “Don’t worry Mr. Kasselakis, I wish him a good vacation in Texas and good shopping at Galerie Lafayette. We have a significant difference with Mr. Kasselakis who is only on vacation while I am at Stadium 29”.

For the amendment with immigrants, that it concerns the already immigrants who are here in order to fight black work. To the question of how it is proven that an immigrant has been in the country for three years, he said that there is a mechanism from the Samara law that enables them to prove that they are here by remittance or by discharge

For gay marriage, on the occasion of the statements of Metropolitan Fthiotidos, said that the scripture mentions “the things of Caesar to Caesar and the things of God to God. The prelates have every right to speak for the church and it is their own business. The church must be modest” and he meaningfully added “the legislation of a state does not belong to the Church, but to the elected government”.

When asked if he would vote for the relevant law, he characteristically said “I don’t position myself on a serious issue if I don’t see the bill. I have no objection to some people being able to regulate his personal life, I have no problem, I am a right-wing liberal. I don’t want there to be discrimination.”