SYRIZA vs. Mitsotakis for an episode with a Dutch journalist: He is not used to difficult questions |


SYRIZA accuses the prime minister of admitting pushbacks of immigrants, which exposes both him and the country, on the occasion of the incident he had with the Dutch journalist on Tuesday.

“It is known that Mr. Mitsotakis is not used to difficult questions in his interviews in Greece and that is why he easily lost his temper and went out of his way to a difficult question asked by a Dutch journalist during the press conference with the Dutch Prime Minister,” he stressed. on Tuesday the head of the Department of Immigration Policy and MP of Corinth of SYRIZA Progressive Alliance George Psychogios.

However, Mr. Psychogios adds, he cannot convincingly accuse a foreign journalist of creating a false image of his government, when he himself brazenly admits that Greece is blocking boats for refugees and immigrants by carrying out pushbacks in the Aegean.

When, instead of pressuring Europe to assume its responsibilities, for the relocation of refugees proportionally to all Member States, for the instrumentalization by Turkey and for the fight against the causes of immigration, it reassures it that Greece is a “European shield”. He even refers to the new closed structure of thousands of people in Samos and then the other islands, which make the country a de facto storehouse of souls and a guardian of Europe “.

“We hope he is aware of the seriousness of what he said and that his admission puts him in a very difficult position and exposes both him and the country, as pushbacks are illegal under international law and endanger human lives,” the statement concluded. .


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