His draft law was put up for public consultation on Thursday, December 28 Ministry of the Interior “Election of MEPs, Postal Vote – Facilitation of Voters’ Votes, Clearing of Electoral Rolls and Other Provisions”with which postal voting is established for the first time in our country.

The bill moves along four axes: election of MEPs, postal vote – facilitating voter voting, clearing electoral rolls and facilitating access for people with disabilities to pre-election dialogue.

In particular, for the establishment of postal voting, the voter within the territory can choose whether to exercise his electoral right by postal vote instead of attending his polling station. Out-of-state voters will exercise their right to vote exclusively by postal vote. The voter receives the electoral material, votes and sends his file to the Special Committee for the Collection of Postal Votes in the competent Courts of First Instance. Postal votes are counted at the same time as votes in the rest of the country. Postal voting is provided for in the said initiative for European elections and national referendums.

In detail, the procedure for exercising the right to vote using postal voting:

An electronic portal is being created for registration in the postal vote electoral rolls.

The voter, using his codes, registers his application and fills in the address to which he wants the electoral material to be sent. The mobile phone he declares as well as his email are authenticated with a one-time password (OTP).

The application becomes final immediately, as soon as it is submitted.

The deadline for submitting applications ends 40 days before the elections. Until that date the voter can change the delivery address or any other information, as well as cancel his application.

The envelope will contain the postal vote return envelope, the voting envelope, the ballot paper, instructions form and list of candidates, as well as the declaration form.

The consultation will end on January 10, 2024, and the relevant comments that will be submitted will be taken into account when finalizing the text of the draft law, which will come to the Parliament for discussion and voting.

The draft law has been posted at the email address http://www.opengov.gr/ypes/?p=9054