The composition of its new administration Region of Central Macedonia the governor announced Apostolos Tzizikostas.

The new administrative structure is renewed in persons compared to the previous administration of the Region at a rate of 45%, while the participation of women is more than 50% of the elected female Regional Councilors of the “Solidarity” faction of Apostolos Tzitzikostas, throughout Central Macedonia.

The local deputy governors remain in their place Thessaloniki Voula Patoulidou, Imathia Kostas Kalaitzidis, Kilkis Andreas Vergidis, Pella Iordanis Tsamtzis, Pieria Sophia Mavridou, Serron Panagiotis Spyropoulos and Halkidiki Katerina Zografou.

In the thematic vice-regions, the Deputy Regional Governor with responsibility in the Finance and Planning sectors, Athina Aidona, as well as Kostas Youtikas in the Development and Environment vice-region, Paris Billias in the Infrastructure and Networks vice-region, Melina Dermentzopoulou in the Health and Social Solidarity vice-region, retain their positions. Giorgos Kefalas in the Agricultural Economy vice-region and Sokratis Doris in the Transport and Communications vice-region.

As far as young people are concerned deputy governorsthe opposite region Tourism takes over Vicky Hatzivasiliou, Culture and Sports Christos Mittas, Spatial Planning and Spatial Planning Stathis Avramidis, Digital Governance Nikos Jollas, Extroversion The Bane Prelevich enters, Volunteering and Youth The Angel Charisteas.

Department heads are designated in the fields of Citizen Service Lina Filippiadou, Interregional Cooperation Theodoros Angelidis, Awareness Against Sports Violence Aristides Kampanos, Accessibility Pelagia Iordanidou, Professional Organizations Yiannis Koufidis and Scientific Organizations Thanasis Liakopoulos.

Also, the Regional Governor appointed deputy Regional Governor Athina Aidona as president of the Central Macedonia Regional Committee. For the position of the president of the Metropolitan Committee of Thessaloniki, he proposes the regional councilor Thanasis Kikis and for the position of the president of the Development Organization of the Central Macedonia Region, the regional councilor Thanos Bega.

In his statements, Mr. Tzitzikostas pointed out that the new administration “consists of capable, experienced persons, with new ideas and appetite for work, with a recognized path and contribution to the society not only of the place, but also more widely”. The duty of the members of the new administration, as he said, is to implement the plan for Macedonia 2030, the modern, smart, green and human Region of Central Macedonia. “Hard work, unity, cooperation, determination and commitment to our common goals are prerequisites. And this is exactly how we will proceed, with dedication to our duty to society, absolute transparency, solidarity and consistency” he added.