The Minister of StateAkis Schertsosspeaking tonight on ERT, referred among other things to the issue of accuracy, the marriage of same-sex couples, and the fight against arbitrary construction.

Mr. Skertsos said that the government is constantly taking measures to tame accuracy, which he estimated is the most important problem for the Greek family. He stressed that the government is dealing with this with increases in wages and pensions, and said that tomorrow measures will be announced for better competition in the market in order to create cleaner price conditions, and to make the market work like in other European countries.

Mr. Skertsos said that SYRIZA should answer why it voted against the release of baby milk from pharmacies, and added that more special actions will be announced on this issue as well. “There are other ways to deal with the problem besides repricing, and they will be announced tomorrow,” he said. Referring to the price of oil, he said that oil is a special case because it has to do with climatic conditions and shortages, and noted that the government cannot do anything at this stage. He added that profit margins on oil are being checked and fines are being imposed where necessary, noting that delinquency has dropped below 10% based on the checks, which shows that the fines are having an effect.

Referring to the countering of arbitrary construction, he said that the government implements a regular program of demolitions and only in the last two months (November and December) dozens of demolitions took place in Attica. “For the first time the state put up with arbitrary construction” said Mr. Skertsos and noted that the “Doxiadis” program is being implemented which will bring order to the use of land in our country, and which will be completed in 2026. Referring to the response to femicide by the state, said that “femicide is homicide and is punishable by life imprisonment” and called the legalization of the term femicide “political sensationalism that does not act as a deterrent”. As he said, the government wants to be useful, he mentioned the “panic button” that “has saved 100 women so far”, and the special reception structures for abused women in the police, which did not exist under SYRIZA.

Finally referring to the marriage of same-sex couples, Mr. Skertsos said that the government has the responsibility to explain what it is that it wants to do, why, and who else did it before us. As he said, already 36 countries have legislated equality in the marriage of same-sex couples, while 39 countries have legalized procreation for same-sex couples, and he added that “we do not want a climate of division in society”. Mr. Skertsos said that the Prime Minister will present the details of the relevant law, whose rapporteur will be the Minister of State himself, while answering a question about the position of the Church, he praised its social and spiritual work, adding that the roles of Church and State are distinct: “Caesar’s to Caesar and God’s to God” he characteristically said.