The convening of the Institutions and Transparency Committee “based on article 43A of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament on the wiretapping scandal and the filing of the disciplinary proceedings of the supervising public prosecutor’s office during the critical periodSYRIZA-PS MPs and members of the Committee, Theodora Tzakri, Pavlos Polakis and Rallia Christidou, testified to the President of the Committee.

The MPs request the convening of the Committee in order to investigate the progress of the investigation into the wiretapping scandal by the EYP and in particular the progress of the filing of the disciplinary proceedings against the EYP supervisor during the critical period of time, prosecutor V. Vlachou. The MPs remind that the competence of the Committee according to Article 43A of the Civil Code includes on the one hand “parliamentary control over the issues concerning the activity of the National Intelligence Service (NIS)” but additionally “the committee can summon state officials to a hearing, as and any public person for issues related to the functioning of institutions and transparency, whose attendance is mandatory. The committee may summon the president and vice-presidents […] of the Supreme Court for issues related to operational issues of justice for the purpose of enhancing transparency”.

In the letter it is stated that “in the sense of the GDPR and Law 4624/2019 there are reasons of essential public interest, which override any personal data protection”. It is also noted that the disclosure of the documents they request appears to be absolutely necessary for the clarification of a scandal that threatens national and public security, which took place in the National Intelligence Service, which is subject to the parliamentary control of the Commission.

“Because the EYP-Maximo wiretapping scandal shook the foundations of Democracy in our country, consisting of illegal surveillance not only of political figures, ministers, top officials of the Armed Forces, former ministers and officials of the official opposition, the candidate for the leader of the third party at the time according to the parliamentary class, MPs and MEPs, journalists as well as private individuals, because lawsuits are already pending before the Court of Justice to investigate the crimes committed, including invasions of privacy and communication, illegal possible acquisition, knowledge, use of State Secrets and Espionage, possible formation and joining a criminal organization for the commission of the above offences,

we request such as:

A) the decision to archive the disciplinary proceedings of the EYP prosecutor, V. Vlachou, who supervised the critical period of time, is forwarded to the Commission.

B) forward to the Commission the exculpatory recommendation of the current prosecutor of the EYP for V. Vlachou, Evd. Poulos,

C) the vice-president of the Supreme Court, Mr. Fragakis, be called before the Commission, by whose decision the disciplinary proceedings against the former supervisor of the EYP prosecutor, V. Vlachos, were filed”, the SYRIZA MPs state and note that their request is submitted on purpose of clarifying the wiretapping scandal and parliamentary control of the EYP due to the competence of the Commission.