“If accuracy is the big battle that we and other countries are fighting, dealing with demographics, supporting the new family is the biggest bet. Our big task is dealing with the demographic problem. The family was, is and remains at the core of the politics of the ND,” Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and Government Spokesman Pavlos Marinakis told SKAI and the program “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias.

“Citizens’ biggest problem is imported precision. We don’t stick to words, we make interventions, which are continuous,” he added.

Referring to the increase in the minimum wage, Mr. Marinakis underlined: “The pre-election commitment for a minimum wage of 950 euros will be kept because the corresponding commitment of the previous four years was kept at double. The minimum wage increased by 20%.”

He also emphasized that “now we have a goal: 950 euros the minimum, 1500 euros the average salary. With the tax reductions, unemployment also decreased.”

Regarding the marriage equality bill, the government representative pointed out that “it is an obligation of the state to the citizens who, at the moment, do not have equal rights in some important matters. We have a duty to speak to the citizens, first to our MPs”, noting that “From Monday the MPs will be informed about the marriage equality bill. This time the briefing of the MPs will take place before the cabinet”.

“The Prime Minister asks the MPs to vote in favor of it and says that if someone is against it, it is better to abstain than to vote against it”, clarified the government representative Pavlos Marinakis, stressing that “not imposing party discipline on the MPs is a culture of of our faction on rights issues. We neither want to divide, nor to pit anyone against each other. We want to convince with our arguments. Abstinence is a solution. We want a majority vote and we are not asking for abstention.”

Commenting on the position of the president of SYRIZA, regarding party discipline, Mr. Marinakis stated “that SYRIZA must have changed its position 4-5 times on this issue”.