Announcement about today police operation which put an end to an occupation of his Rectory NTU by students who were protesting about the non-state universities, issued the New Left.

In it he states:

“This morning, police forces invaded Zografou University of Technology and attacked students who are defending the public and free university and the decisions of their General Assemblies.

If Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Pierrakakis believe that they will bypass the Constitution and bring private universities with police violence and repression, they will be disproved in practice.

We had no doubt about the priorities of Mr. Chrysochoidis. He treats male and female students in terms of a vendetta. We would suggest that he focus on where the real problem is: the extortion gangs and the paid contracts of the executors.

The New Left calls for a front of disobedience to the government’s plans to establish private universities. We are participating in the all-education rally on Thursday 18/1 and we call for massive participation.”