Within the week, the cabinet is expected to meet after today’s postponement due to the illness of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while the trip to the USA will not take placesaid the government representative, Pavlos Marinakis, on the show “Today” on SKAI.

For postal voting in national elections

Asked about the amendment which was filed yesterday by Ms. Kerameos for the extension of postal voting in the national electionsMr. Marinakis emphasized that “our intention to extend the right to vote by letter to voters abroad had been expressed for when the conditions were ripe and this was done when the bill gathered 230 votes, something unprecedented for Greek data”.

Subsequently, commenting on the reactions of the opposition who spoke of surprise, the government representative replied that “there was an extensive consultation on the postal vote on the technical issues and the immutability of the procedure, it also comes at a neutral time and the amendment was tabled at the beginning of the debate. Finally, we agree that postal voting is a good thing for overseas residents and we have seen that a majority of 200 votes have been found, so why miss the opportunity.”

On the same subject, he stated that “ewe want to implement the reforms that the country needs and they do not have a party sign. When you believe in postal voting you believe in it as a whole. The first step is the European elections and the second the national ones for voters abroad.”

For marriage of same-sex couples

Regarding the same-sex marriage bill and the reactions within the ruling party, Mr. Marinakis said that “We have an important cabinet meeting, the monthly one, with the top intervention for me being the court map, one of the issues that will be discussed. The same-sex marriage bill is a matter of rights, and the prime minister responded that those in the cabinet have an increased institutional obligation. We should not prejudge the attitude of a member of parliament first, we will first see how the ministers will be positioned after the initial proposal, what the attitude will be. It is the prime minister’s decision who is fit to be in the cabinet. Personally, I think that when you participate in a group, you support the decisions.”

For the reactions of the Church

Regarding the reaction of the Church, he answered “absolute respect for the Church, which throughout time had an attitude of maintaining social cohesion. Her opinions are respected. We implement our program with which we have been elected by the Greek citizens with a higher percentage than previous times despite the difficult years of imported crises. There is executive and legislative power.”