The problems of insecurity are what mobilize the world, he told SKAI 100.3 today the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, pointing out that until October 20, when the system was open, 33,000 applications were submitted by the farmers of Thessaly who have received advances so far, amounting to 160 million.

At the same time, Mr. Avgenakis mentioned that so far, in total, all the co-competent ministries, not only the Ministry of Rural Development, have given about half a billion to the Thessalian plain.

He announced that by next week those who were not insured in ELGA will get another 16 to 17 million, while 2.5 million will be given to the fishermen of Pagasitikos, Larissa or the Sporades. At the same time, the payment schedule is being accelerated, with a specific schedule, to producers with tree crops that were affected by frost before Daniel.

Mr. Avgenakis said that the advances that have been given are 40% more than in Janos and the payments will be made until June 30, even though the EU said that due to the size of the disaster there is a margin of 4 years.

The Minister of Rural Development also stated that anyone who wishes to discuss is welcome, clarifying that the majority of issues that emerge as requests do not concern the Ministry of Rural Development, however, even for these, the Ministry is willing to discuss.