“Western Macedonia has been affected as few European Regions from unemployment, the reduction of income but also the accuracy, as a result of which an explosive mixture is created that directly threatens the social, economic and demographic stability of both Kozani and the Region of Western Macedonia” emphasized the member of parliament Pella and secretary of the parliamentary group of SYRIZA-PS, Theodora Tzakri, during her speech at the regional conference of Western Macedonia of the party.

“In the Region that prospered as long as PPC’s Delta was public, its residents today, when the European subsidies have ended, are faced with the most expensive price per kilowatt-hour,” said the deputy, referring to the “fine print” of the bills that say that if you don’t pay the time the bill expires, then the price per kilowatt hour increases from 0.14 to 0.20 euros. “If this is not theft, if this is not analgesia, then what is”? he wondered.

In high tones and referring to issues related to cartels in retail trade and the market, she emphasized that “on the opposite bank stands a system of speculation, which has been nurtured and allowed to operate by the Mitsotakis government, which has brought Greece down to last place of Europe, in disposable income per capita”.

He cited examples of products costing 30 and 40% cheaper in England and Germany, with a basic salary multiple times that of Greece. “There is no imported accuracy,” emphasized Ms. Tzakri, “there is local greed. And we will beat her.”

He spoke about the priority that SYRIZA-PS will give to the way the market operates, so that speculation cannot continue. The first package of measures he proposed “interferes decisively with a control on the margin of profit from the importer’s warehouse to the shelf and from the field to the shelf. And from the warehouse of the importer of industrial goods to the wholesalers who precede the shop window.”

Concluding her intervention, she invited those present to actively participate with proposals and opinions in the pre-congress dialogue that will follow, stressing that “the modern left is the home of every progressive citizen, and the only party that has resisted is here. It’s us, you, it’s SYRIZA-PS”.