The way in which citizens will enter the stadiums by adding their tickets digitally to from April 9 was presented by the Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou at the joint press conference on the institutional framework against violence with the Deputy Minister of Sports Yannis Vroutsis and government representative Pavlos Marinakis.

The aim of the process is to have identity.

“Until today, the electronic ticket existed, but practically no one checked the identity. It is also not feasible and reasonable to commit hundreds and maybe even more police officers every Sunday to do this check. What’s new we’re cutting. The technology and the locking of the ticket on our mobile phone gives us the solution, through a very simple and friendly process” pointed out Mr. Papastergiou.

The purchase of the ticket, the Minister of Digital Governance clarified, continues to be done in the way it was done today, that is, through corporate or group ticket pages/platforms. There is no change in this process.

The generated ticket has a unique number and a QR code or bar code. The identification process that follows and takes place immediately after, will be through Wallet, an application that has already been embraced by millions of Greeks.

“Let me remind you that the necessary condition to have a Wallet is to have registered in the National Register of Communications, EMEp, which to date approximately 4 million Greeks have done. The process is simple. We can still search today for how someone is written in the EMEp, look for the relevant information on through the new mAigov digital assistant where all the information is provided in detail. In addition, will also be available from today.

The “steps” of the process in detail

We open the wallet.

Let’s see the procedure for a Greek citizen who already has a wallet.

  • Go to the ticket section.
  • Click the add button to insert a new ticket.
  • We scan the QR Code of the ticket we already bought or enter the ticket number manually. Our ticket is so simply transferred to our digital wallet, wallet.
  • When we go to the stadium, we see the QR Code, the bar code.

“Entrance to the stadiums today is based on bar code and Qr code, systems that support the turnstiles of the stadiums. In a few weeks and gradually depending on the readiness of the stadiums, the entrance will be done with an interface only with NFC, which is an even more secure way for us to enter the stadiums” explained the minister.

How do we add a minor child?

“For our minor, under 15-year-old child, the same procedure is equivalent. Children over 15 years of age can register at EMEP as usual. For children under 15 with our login, it shows our children,” he explained.

We choose who will accompany him to the stadium, it can be a third person, by entering the VAT number he receives a message on his mobile phone requesting acceptance and with his consent, the ticket is entered in the wallet.


What applies to non-Greek citizens

As far as the identification process for non-Greek citizens is concerned, they can connect to the special process based on reading and identification through the passport.

“We connect as non-Greek citizens. And now we choose to do it through our passport. Passports have a special number at the bottom, we take a photo of it and the application reads the passport chip and recognizes that it is a valid passport. You see that the whole process is very simple but also innovative, especially in the part of identification for non-Greek citizens through the passport” said Dimitris Papastergiou.

“The process is very simple. Is it 100% safe? Obviously not, because someone can give their cell phone to someone else, they will enter. But above the turnstiles there will be cameras, so in the event of an inspection, this can be revealed and there will be penalties,” he clarified. The process with NFC is even more secure as it is not copied.

“Black list”

“It is also worth pointing out that we are creating a black list, a black list of people who will not be allowed to enter the stadiums. If someone tries to enter a ticket, the system will automatically “throw” him out,” the minister said.

What will happen to the permanent ones?

“What about the perennials? We are discussing it with the Super League. It is something we will have to finalize in our discussions. Season tickets can be directly entered into the wallet, as long as the teams provide us with the relevant information. Are season tickets transferable? And this concerns PAE. We, at a technological level as the Ministry of Digital Governance, can support it” he also noted.

The cameras

First name, last name, address and phone number they will be known, Yannis Vroutsis emphasized for his part.

On March 6, a second specific process begins, the cameras in the stadiums, which if has not been observed, from March 7 no stadium will be open to fans. We gave time, there was a joint discussion, consultation and joint reports with those involved, said Mr. Vroutsis.

The Official Gazette will also be issued during the day for the cameras. Thus, tomorrow in an appointment with the president of Superleague 1 and the Basket League, the gazette will be given to “run” the law as it has been determined.