Dora Bakoyannis on SKAI: The good and the bad scenario in the Ukrainian-The aspirations of the “players”


“A new balance will be sought, which is necessary,” he told SKAI TV and in the show “Today” the ND MP and former minister Dora Bakoyannis commenting on the developments in the Ukrainian issue.

As he explained at the moment, Russia has returned while no one has been dealing with it for two years and has put on the table its demands and military aspirations.

He added that there is a great deal of unrest as a result of which the world’s economies are shaking.

According to her, we are in the last step of the intense diplomatic effort, which is made mainly by Europe and the talks with the USA.

“The players are the Russians and Americans and in the middle are the Europeans who are paying the price for this unrest.

Mrs. Bakoyannis spoke of a serious and great effort on the part of the French President Macron

“There will be a strong diplomatic effort to bring the two sides back to victory in their public opinion,” he said, referring to yesterday’s Putin-Lavrov image and the statements of the Russian Foreign Minister.

For the possibility of a war, called us to be calmer. “I am not a fan of total destruction. After Afghanistan, what Biden would like to present to the public is that he prevented a Russian invasion of Ukraine. And the Russians will want to show that Putin has won by bringing his country back to the table on European security and the issue of influence. That’s the good scenario. “

According to Mrs. Bakoyannis, the bad scenario is that there is a danger of starting a low-key war all these years from Donetsk. That is, to kill Ukrainians with Ukrainians and the Russians do whatever they want under the table.

“I do not believe we are involved, we abstain from all this,” he added.

At the same time, he stressed that Europe is not energetically prepared and the reserves are not what they need in this case.

“Our country does not have any gas storage. “I was chasing the warehouses of Kaala and now the competition is ahead”, he said.

The ND MP also commented on Turkey’s obsession with the demilitarization of the Greek islands and the neighboring country’s intention to internationalize the issue.

“The internationalization of the issue should be of concern to Turkey, not to us as Turkey’s talk is not based on any part of international law.”

“We are a country defending ourselves and we do not have an expansionist stance,” Bakoyannis said, noting that such rhetoric seeks to cover up the weakness of weapons systems in Turkey due to the US embargo and because they have nothing to show on the ground. display a strong rhetoric that does not pass on to the Turkish people.

For the attitude of SYRIZA at armaments Ms. Bakoyannis said that she is disappointed as she explained that it is an issue in which we should not be divided but reinforced concrete.

About the interview he gave in SKAI the president of SYRIZA, he said he was embarrassed. “The Greeks suffered and learned about Mr. Tsipras,” he noted meaningfully.

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