The Spurs submitted to DeRozan, Carrie stood up for the Nets

The Spurs submitted to DeRozan, Carrie stood up for the Nets

Maybe the Steph Curry to shape a new basketball reality, but even he needs support. Desperately alone against the Clippers, his 33 points stood few against the statistical fullness of the hosts. However, the “warriors” have no reason to worry, since their presence in the most important events of the season is taken for granted.

Brooklyn was eagerly looking for victory to get out of the swamp and against the Sacramento Kings I took a deep breath. The “fresh” Seth Curry took over the situation in his hands and the 23 points made it 109-85.

One man show in “City of Winds”, the Bulls won against the Spurs in a match that DeRozan he did what he wanted on the floor and the 40 round points of the American guard / forward dissolved the youthful and unruly spirit of San Antonio. 120-109 marks the quality difference between the two.

Gran Quinol took place in New York, with the hosts proving that they do not press hard and suffering a “shock” defeat by the Thunder with 127-123 in overtime. Julius Randle’s 30 points were not enough to shape the outcome.

Unexpected and at the same time important victory for the Pelicans against the Raptors with 120-90, on their way to the play-ins of the West. McCollum starred with 23 points and in the eyes of Valanciounas met the perfect co-star with another 18 and 9 rebounds.

The MVP of the League, Nikola Jokic gave a performance in the home game against the Orlando Magic with 26 points, 15 rebounds and 7 final passes. The guests, despite Franz Wagner’s 26 points, lost 121-11 and are penultimate in the eastern region.

The Jazz broke out against the Amoustak Rockets with 135-101, as Donovan Mitchell with 30 points set fire to the “rockets”. The “Mormons” are in the top four in the West, but their gaze does not escape the coveted trophy.

The Wizards for many they remain a pleasant surprise in the eyes of many, especially with the addition of them Crystals Porzingis caught the eye. In the game against the Detroit Pistons, led by Kyle Kuzma with 23 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, they defeated Dwayne Casey. The light board wrote 103-94 and the battle of overcoming continues for the hosts.


Washington Wizards – Detroit Pistons: 103-94

Brooklyn Nets – Sacramento Kings: 109-85

New York Knicks – Oklahoma City Thunder: 123-127

Chicago Bulls – San Antonio Spurs: 120-109

New Orleans Pelicans – Toronto Raptors: 120-90

Denver Nuggets – Orlando Magic: 121-111

Utah Jazz – Houston Rockets: 135-101

Los Angeles Clippers – Golden State Warriors: 119-104

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