“It is a bold step, without being a bold step, what we are doing today for rights,” said the Minister of State Akis Schertsosclosing the discussion of the bill for the equality to Civil marriage, in the parliamentary committees.

The second reading of the bill was completed earlier this afternoon and New Democracy, SYRIZA, PASOK, New Left and Pleussi Eleftherias were in favor of the principle, although the opposition parties who vote for it in principle argue that it is incomplete.

“It is important that the bill supported on principle from the 70% of parties and MPs and I hope that there will be even more who will vote in favor. We are building on what the SYRIZA government did in 2015, which did not protect all rights, and I think that together we can create a framework of equality, justice, both for people who have this sexual orientation and for children , which still exist today, are unprotected, compared to the rest of the children,” he said.

Commenting on SYRIZA’s amendment on surrogacy, the Minister of State ‘Akis Skertsos recalled that the government made it clear from the beginning that it “will not interfere” with the framework for medically assisted reproduction. “Greece already has a very liberal framework, in terms of operation and conditions, for reproductive methods supported by medical science. We don’t touch it. In any case, I see some internal contradictions here as well. THE SYRIZA submitted a few days ago a proposal of his own law, in relation to the issues of marriage equality, where you propose an even more permissive framework. And now you come, with an amendment, suggesting a limitation. Is it actually happening inside you? Are you in favor of a more liberal framework or are you in favor of a more restrictive framework? Will you decide now? Have you resolved this matter internally? I don’t understand what your position is”, said K. Skertsos.

In his intervention, the Minister of State also referred to his attitude KKE in the Civil Marriage Equality Bill. “I find your position on medically assisted reproduction and the recognition of children created in this way abroad to be a fig leaf and completely pretentious, and it hides your abiding opposition to the rights of gay people. I would like to hear a condemnation of the concentration camps. Have you condemned, have you ever denounced the concentration camps in Cuba that captured and imprisoned gay people? Have you done it? Do you really believe in the rights of these people? And you come and tell us you won’t vote because you don’t believe in commercialization? But is it possible? Vote against the specific article and vote for the rest. There is also this possibility in the Parliament, why don’t you use it?” said Akis Skertsos and added: “I’m really sorry but this position is hypocritical”.

He also described the criticism from the other parties as incomprehensible because they are parties that voted, a few months ago, for a framework that further liberalizes the operation of medically assisted reproduction.

In relation to the “pseudo-scientific discourse” (as he characterized the argumentation that was formulated), which was heard, the Minister of State said: “I expected especially from the far-right parties, that they would have invited scientists and attended the relevant discussion held by the carriers. But they did not call any scientific body. But nobody. And they read today some announcements by individual doctors or scientists.”

Mr. Skertsos submitted, for the minutes, seventy-five studies, internationally recognized, which leave no margin, in relation to the situation of children who grow up with same-sex parents and show that there is no statistical differentiation in relation to the rest of the children, for their social, mental, academic development or sexual orientation.