For conclusions of the EfSYN event for the Center Left with Title “Who against Mitsotakis?”but also for her the surprise presence of Stefanos Kasselakis, the MP of the New Left, Efi Ahtsioglou, spoke on the show “Atairistoi” on SKAI.

particularly in terms of her personal assessment of the event, Ms. Ahtsioglu said that “The event was very successful with a large turnout of people and this shows that there is a great anxiety among the citizens to be able to have an expression or a front of political power that will put an embankment against the policies implemented by the ND. Basically there is an admission of a vacuum of representation of all those social forces that are currently oppressed by the policies of the right.”

Asked about it if the question of the event and the reference to the person of Kyriakos Mitsotakis was answeredMs. Ahtsioglou reported that “from the beginning the question I said should be read “which political force and with which strategy” as the person is not the issue as it is not on the other side, it is the issue of the policies and strategies applied.”

“A large part of society is suffocating and has the need to express itself in a more dominant way. Right now the bloc’s forces are split from here and weakened” she added.

Regarding the political stakes of the event and the messages it sent, Ms. Ahtsioglou emphasized that “people at the event expressed this need to have a channel of communication and to start organizing a social front first”.

Asked about the person who could represent the ventureMs. Ahtsioglou pointed out that “if we get caught up in the question of face, we lose the game. The idea that there is a ready-made and organized progressive faction out there waiting for a brilliant leader to articulate it has nothing to do with reality. In the past this idea has failed.”

“Right now it’s very important these social forces to unite and express themselves in a political way. If there are no programmatic agreements and social address, then the project does not concern anyone,” he said.

Regarding the presence of Stefanos Kasselakis at the event, the New Left MP pointed out that “the event was vigorously fought by SYRIZA, they couldn’t overturn it and when it happened, Mr. Kasselakis tried to create a communication noise, to do a communication trick to change the center of gravity. His presence did not affect either the substance of the debate or its success. His presence in terms of the substance of the discussion was the same as his absence.”

Regarding how she herself evaluates the presence of Mr. Kasselakis, she said that “It seemed to me another attempt at a communication noise and simply confirmed that his priority is communication bluster and not the substance of politics.