By Yannis Anifantis

Tthe former regional governor of Thessaly, Kostas Agorastos, expressed his intention to testify before the court todaycalled to testify to the competent committee of the Parliament investigating the causes of the railway accident accident in Tempe.

“I exercise, according to article 104 of the CPC, the right to remain silent, reserving to provide explanations before the judicial authorities”the former regional governor emphasized during his deposition, underlining that a criminal prosecution has been brought against him for the crime of breach of duty by the Larissa first instance prosecutor’s office.

As he said in his presentation, given the status of the accused “it is not possible for me to testify as a witness”while at the same time he denied every accusation as baseless and as he said is a result of misleading political confrontations and pursuits. “I deny any accusation against me as unfounded and unfairly formulated in the public discourse, which is a consequence of misleading political confrontations and pursuits”he pointed out.

Mr. Agorastos expressed at the beginning of his introduction the “deep sorrow and brokenness” of the accident, understanding the pain of relatives. On the side of the governing majority, Iason Fotilas, stated that the witness was clear and can invoke the right to remain silent, while from the official opposition, Vassilis Kokkalis, emphasized that the witness has the right he chose as there is also the presumption of innocence. Milena Apostolaki from PASOK noted that it is a shame that he chooses this right and decided that this particular witness should have been called earlierbefore the criminal prosecution was brought.