By Yannis Anifantis

He expressed his concern about the course of Greek-Turkish relations, informing the members of the Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendiaspointing out that Turkey may have lowered its tone but it has not changed its positions even remotely.

Turkey has lowered its tone, but it has not changed its positions even in the slightest, what should we conclude? The creeping argument is there. When we plan for a decade from now, we should have no illusions,” the Minister of National Defense emphasized, adding that in one of the latest Navtex “Turkey combines sovereignty with navigation for the first time».

I am worried and very worried indeed. When I have 100 million people beside me making claims contrary to International Law, I am concerned and I have to suggest to my country ways to keep its national sovereignty intact. Otherwise I’m a criminal. The recommendations we make are made with absolute respect even to the last euro. I cannot ignore the challenge that looms over the horizon“, said Mr. Dendias, informing the competent committee of the Parliament.

The minister referred, from the Senate floor, to the need for immediate reform of the Armed Forces, emphasizing:

Reorganization of the Armed Forces with weapons systems that can support our needs. And to make a clear prioritization. What do we need first? So we are doing a total revision of the equipment program to serve this new structure».

He even made special reference to the need to upgrade and modernize the communications of the Armed Forces by acquiring the so-called drones.

Indicatively, to give you an idea, we will proceed to the GEETHA in a new branch, we will create an administrative structure for the systematic integration of the use of autonomous systems, drones“, he said and added: “we will proceed with the establishment of a joint IT body with the purpose and technical intelligence to meet the challenges of the times».

However, regarding military service, Mr. Dendias argued that it is absolutely mandatory to change the perception of drudgery that exists by offering adequate training to conscripts.

On a voluntary basis initially, there will be recall and retraining in the unitshe explained, adding that there will also be a benefit for the conscripts as the purpose is the certification of skills that will constitute a professional qualification.