“Going towards the European elections, I hope that a meaningful discussion about Europe and the future of Greece in it will be opened. But what we can say as a conclusion is that in these 70 years we have had unprecedented conditions of prosperity and peace in our Epirus” said today from Larissa, where he was present for the presentation of his book, the director of the press office of the prime minister, Dimitris Tsiodras.

As mentioned in the presentation, the book records the conflicts within it The European Union from its beginning and during pivotal moments, which determined and still influence the common course. Disputes stemming from different perceptions of the common currency, defense unification, German reunification, the management of the Eurozone crisis, the role of the EU in the world, responses to new security challenges.

His professor talked about the book University of Thessaly George Vasilopoulosthe director of the French Institute of Larissa Chrysa Voulgarakis, o internationalist Alexandros DespotopoulosThe Electrician – Engineer Michalis Mandela and journalist Giorgos Roustas.

Mr. Tsiodras, in his earlier statement, also referred to the ongoing agricultural mobilizations, noting that “beyond the fiscal issues, there are issues concerning the CAP, which will be put at the level Brussels in order for there to be changes and for farmers to move into the new era, without suffering significant losses in their income.”

At the same time, he referred to the Greekization issue, saying that other measures will be taken. Regarding the issue of the return of the tax on agricultural oil, he said that from 2025 there will be changes and farmers will also participate in this discussion, while regarding the problems of the farmers of Thessaly, he said that there will be a special meeting with the Prime Minister at Megaros Maximos “because the farmers of the region are facing some special problems and we have to look at them in a completely different way”.