“We did not claim chairs and offices, we fight the battles with selflessness. We offer the ‘I’ to the ‘we'” clarified Dionysis Teboneras speaking at the SYRIZA conference in the wake of his meeting with Olga Gerovasilis.

“The moment is particularly difficult. Post-politics, neoliberalism and the extreme right are gaining ground. While the ND is setting up conditions for a total right-wing policy, the other side is eating its own flesh and sinking into political misery” write down.

According to the SYRIZA executive, the need for a common democratic front is the need that comes from the bowels of society. “We have no right to deny responsibility. We need a political plan that answers the problems.”

“Not who will be in charge, but how… So, we have to take a stand”

“My own roots are solid and timeless, they don’t need confirmation. Whatever we have to say, we say it with a clean face. We didn’t claim chairs and offices, we fight battles selflessly. We offer the ego to the we,” he said characteristically. Mr. Teboneras.

“We are not all the same. We come from public school and university, but we learned to stand up for what’s right,” he pointedly commented.

“We respect the will of the members to hunt Chimeras. But we have learned to participate and not to authorize. I see comrades and not rivals. The Left does not produce Messiahs and heroes. If we need to make an exception, we will gladly do so” he emphasized.

“We will not let the left enter the margins. We will not let inaction defeat us” he added.

“Fast track” elections in a climate of division in SYRIZA

Deeply divided SYRIZA enters pthe new battle for leadership, after yesterday’s developments launched by the intervention of Alexis Tsipras to “indicate” Stefanos Kasselakis to renew his mandate at the base of the party and the choice of the latter to “pick up the gauntlet” saying “find me opponent and let’s go”. After the rapid developments of Thursday, SYRIZA is headed for a “fast track” election, less than five months after the previous one.

According to Kathimerini, officials close to the president emphasized that “if there is a candidate, we will go in elections in two weeks” time deemed insufficient by SYRIZA officials to deal with Stefanos Kasselakis.

According to reports, there will be deadlines for submitting nominations.

It is reminded that in about 15 days polling stations should be set up to elect the coordinators of the Member Organizations and the new Prefectural Committees.

All eyes are on the moves he will make Olga Gerovasili which the previous Sunday with its post caused a wave of reactions against Stefanos Kasselakis.

What Nina Kassimatis, Christos Giannoulis, Vassilis Kokkalis said to SKAI

Speaking to SKAI, the SYRIZA MP Nina Kassimati, declared her support for Stefanos Kasselakis noting that “he has a fresh mandate from the base of the party”, and saying: “I reaffirm my respect for the members who expressed themselves loudly on September 23 by rejecting the other expressions and electing a man who did not come from the SYRIZA.

For his part, the MP of the major opposition Christos Giannoulis when asked about it he meaningfully emphasized: “I will support the legally elected president whatever my personal choice is.”

“Let’s go to a new party, the order Kasselakis received was an order to renew and change”

“It will be seen until Sunday if there will be an opponent”the SYRIZA MP told SKAI Vasilis Kokkalisabout the stormy developments in the party that have been taking place since Thursday afternoon with the intervention of Tsipras and the response of Kasselakis regarding “opponent”.

“I believe that Stefanos Kasselakis will win the new elections in SYRIZA”he underlined.

Regarding Mr. Kasselakis’ aspirations for the name and symbol of the party and the questionnaire, he said that “Sure, let’s go to a new party, I wouldn’t call it “Kasselakis party”. The order he received in September was a renewal and change order. From then on, the need to change SYRIZA is imperative, but with the help of all executives”.