Yesterday’s intervention by Tsipras has caused an earthquake in SYRIZA, who is again being led to internal party polls. The announcement from the floor of the conference yesterday, Thursday, of the new internal party election process, brought at the same time a strong background, ferments and consultations among the executives of the party, primarily for the rival awe of Stefanos Kasselakis. Opposite Stefanos Kasselakis as everything shows Olga Gerovasili will be found with the “stamp” of the nomination probably coming in on Saturday while o Dionysis Teboneras whose name was heard enough will not be a candidate, as he announced himself.

The executives of SYRIZA are starting to gradually open their cards one by one in view of the new intra-party confrontation, while it remains a mystery what position the Pavlos Polakis.

Nocturnal processes

Ten officials of the party reportedly had a meeting late on Thursday night and ended up in the person of Mrs. Gerovasilis as the person who will stand against Stefanos Kasselakis. According to what he broadcast in his main news bulletin , Antonis Anzoletosit’s about them Christos Spirtzis, Nikos Pappa, Aleko Flambouraris, Katerina Notopoulou, Rania Svigou, Giorgos Vassiliadis, Thanasis Theocharopoulos, Costas Zachariadis and Dionysis Kalamatianos.

In fact, Mrs Gerovasili had a barrage of meetings with Thanasis Theocharopoulos, Sokratis Famelos, Dionysis Tebonera, Yiannis Ragousis and other MPs. The strategy of Mrs. Gerovasilis, as it seems, is to ensure that there is no division of forces vis-à-vis Mr. Kasselakis.

Who stands by Kasselakis?

However, his next moves are also determined by the Kasselakis camp, on whose side they still remain executives who supported him during his few months in office. These are solid supporters who even seem to be sure of his victory. Among his supporters are Thodora Tzakri, Dora Avgeri, Petros Pappas, Evangelos Apostolakis and Rallia Christidou.

The possible dates of the elections

Regarding the possible dates for the intra-party polls, the landscape remains murky. According to the report of Antonis Anzoletou, March 10 is a possible date however for some it is not possible to hold the elections so soon as the registry must be cleared first.

Alongside, Mid March is expected to appear Stefanos Kasselakis to Thebes in order to do his military service.

Then they follow the three days of Clean Monday and that of March 25 that it will be difficult for the party officials to decide to hold the elections then.

It is also questionable who will vote in the new elections. In other words, if new members will vote with a monetary consideration or if those who voted in last September’s elections will also vote.