“Election of the leader exactly as the party’s statute provides”, she expects Olga Gerovasili, as he mentioned in a conversation he had with journalists.

Ms. Gerovasili took a swipe at the SYRIZA president, saying that “in his own brief response to her speech, he made an omission he did not say that the election will be held as provided by the statute». He explained that “the statute provides that the election of the leader takes place one month after the proclamation and that it will be done by ballot”.

“We unfolded our agenda. We believe that we should go to elections. The president did not remember that there is a statute. The congress is a sovereign body, it can decide “yes” or “no” in elections. It is not a statutory conference, it cannot circumvent the statute. If the elections are held, they must be held as happened with Alexis Tsipras and Stefanos Kasselakis” he clarified.

It is noted that Mr. Kasselakis has said about election on March 10 and that it will be held with a hybrid system, i.e. both by ballot and digitally. Mrs. Gerovasili said that the Congress will decide tomorrow whether the election of the leader will take place. But he added that “the Congress is not statutory and it cannot change the election process – that is, the period of one month and that it is done by ballot box».

As for the commitment that Stefanos Kasselakis requested the day after the election to remain in the party regardless of the result, he commented “I am not obliged to answer the obvious. My course in the lineup guarantees it. I have given my life for the party.”

Her candidacy for the leadership of SYRIZA PS was announced earlier by Olga Gerovasili.

We need seriousness and credibility, only communication without a political plan is not enough, emphasized Mrs. Gerobasili during her speech at the 4th Congress of SYRIZA.

I heard the president’s public invitation, I am present, I have never been afraid of responsibility. Not even in the most difficult ones. I always backed off. I am proud to have been a member of the government of Alexis Tsipras,” said Olga Gerovasili. “I am here to stop the downward spiral,” he said. Some delegates responded with boos at the announcement of her candidacy, with the SYRIZA president motioning for them to stop.

We are, he stressed, a governing party, we are not a supplementary party, and the demands are very high from us. We must defeat Mitsotakis. To do this, a serious political plan and a structured political operation are needed.

His support for the candidacy of Olga Gerovasilis for the presidency of SYRIZA was officially announced at the party Congress by Christos Spirtzis.

In the shadow of Stefanos Kasselakis’ proposal for elections on March 10, Mr. Spirtzis requested that the provisions of the statute be followed. “The elections should be held in accordance with the statute. Otherwise it will become Coogee… That is, at least one month before the election period, with the guarantee of transparency, inviolability and identity”.