On the day that Charles and Diana announced their engagement to the world – and Prince ‘hurt’ young Lady Di with just one flippant comment… The royal couple announced their engagement 43 years ago today on February 24, 1981.

In the BBC’s engagement interview at the palace, the then-Prince said he was “excited and frankly surprised” that Diana was ready to be around him, while Diana, peering shyly through her blonde fringe, described her future husband as “really awesome”.

When asked – during a photo shoot at Buckingham Palace – if they were in love, Charles’ response to Diana’s “of course” was surprising: “in love with what that means.”

At the time, Diana laughed somewhat sheepishly at the prince’s flippant comment, which Charles followed up on, adding: “‘In love’ is open to anyone’s interpretation.”

Years later, however, the princess told her vocal coach in a recording revealed in the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words: “I thought, what a ‘fat’ question. So I said, “Yes, of course we are,” and Charles turned around and said, “Whatever it means to be in love.”

“And that completely baffled me. I thought, what a strange answer. He hurt me…” Diana stated, remembering her romantic younger self.