“Tomorrow the platform for the work of pensioners opens, so that pensioners can receive their entire pension,” she told SKAI and the program “Kalimera”, with Giorgos Autias, Minister of Labor and Social Security Domna Michailidou.

“In this way, they will be able to save from 140 to 300 euros per month. All they will do is an application online or at the EFKA in their area. Today, we estimate that we have 100,000 pensioners, who are working. Of these, 36,000 declare it. We have to help people, they have paid their pension,” he added.

Also, Ms. Michailidou emphasized that “the government has planned and is implementing 19 actions for the family” and that “now the citizen does not pay a fee to go to KEPA”

At the same time, the Minister of Labor pointed out that “the number of doctors at KEPA will be more than doubled, from the current 500 to 1200, and that their salaries will increase by 50%”.

On the occasion of the increase in the minimum wage, Ms. Michailidou emphasized that it is “the 4th consecutive increase. The agencies have not yet filed their opinions. The minimum wage will start from …8. The bet is to have good salaries.”

“According to the latest data, unemployment is at 8.9%,” he added.

Referring to the sailors, Ms. Michailidou pointed out that “through their mobile phone, the mynat application, they will be able to see their entire insurance life”