THE Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakisupon his arrival at the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union in Brussels, made the following statement:

“The debate on changes to CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) 2327, changes both technical and structural, has opened and it has opened much earlier than some expected. This is the result of a real need. These needs are embraced by the Greek government, we support and highlight them in every way and at every level in the alliances we have or create. We come to Brussels today, carrying the cry of anguish of our farmers, not only the Greek farmers of the European farmers. We work in concert, we submit comprehensive technical proposals to improve the CAP, but we also work through the alliances we build for structural changes. We are optimistic about the result.”

At the same time, farmers across the EU are in turmoil. There are incidents during the gathering of farmers with their tractors in the heart of Brussels, when police tried to stop them while “blockades” have been set up by Greek farmers today.

The ministers of agriculture of the 27 EU countries are meeting today in Brussels.