Pavlos Polakis persists in targeting judges and journalists, bringing back the corresponding post he made a year ago for which he came close to being excluded from the party’s ballot, while at the same time leaving spikes for Alexis Tsipras.

In particular, Pavlos Polakis with a new post reinstates the old one, insisting on the correctness of his then decision to target judges and journalists, publishing names and photos with the comment “let’s clean up from them”.

The new post by Pavlos Polakis:

“FB reminded me of them… LIKE TODAY IN 2023: For the reason and occasion of the post shown in the first photo, what is shown in the second happened… A year later, with the developments in Predator, with the crime of Tembo and the attitude of journalists and justice, with the condemnation of our country by the European Parliament for the rule of law, with the auctions in public houses and the write-offs of shipowners’ loans, with the direct assignments for the AADE buildings by Pitsilis who mediated…. LOOK WHO HAD RIGHT FINALLY????

Hi I am writing “cause and reason” as the decision for not announcing the candidacy of Hairetakis in Chania had been made a week before despite the unanimous and without ANY objection decision of the political secretariat, after the blackmail of Stathakis who demanded to come out!!