In sending messages to expatriate Greeks, ahead of the European elections, from the ND MEP, Anna Michelle AsimakopoulouStefanos Kasselakis mentions in his Facebook message saying that “SYRIZA-PS will bring the matter to the Parliament”.

Specifically, the president of SYRIZA – PS emphasizes: “Imagine if it had happened under SYRIZA… Since yesterday, expatriate Greeks have been complaining that they received a message in their emails from a ND MEP, without having given their consent. The immediate response from the Ministry of the Interior and from the MEP is a matter of democracy. How did he find the citizens’ contact information? Were they leaked or given by the Home Office? The thousands of expatriate Greeks are not circulating mailing lists for the politicians of the ND. They are wrong if they think that they will not give explanations. As SYRIZA-PS we will immediately bring the issue to the Parliament with a topical question and we will file with the Personal Data Protection Authority all the complaints of emigrants that reached our offices. All in the light!”.

Mr. Kasselakis frames his post with Ms. Asimakopoulou’s autograph and the message that, according to his complaint, he has sent to expatriate Greeks.