By Penelope Galliou

The “blue machines”, in view of the European elections, are heating it up Megaro Maximos and Piraeus, with the prime minister having given the “opening fire” of the informal pre-election period from the floor of the national conference of DAP NDFC, putting everyone on pre-election alert. Under the threat that in the upcoming European elections, the citizens will operate with more flexibility in choosing their vote, the Maximos Palace as well as the party, know that they must immediately mobilize the last “cog” of the party mechanism in time so that at the time of the ballot box achieve the best possible result.

“So forget the 41% of trust and responsibility, the counter is going back to zero” emphasized Kyriakos Mitsotakis, reminding ND youth that the June ballots “will be empty, but they should be filled again with many blue ballots. And so it will be” he said emphatically.

But apart from the grassroots, the prime minister is also intensifying his contacts for the preparation of the European ballot paper of the blue party, which is expected to be presented by the middle of April, and at the same time he is also “warming up” his contact with the voters by raising the stake of the elections June 6th and communicating himself and through life, with tours around Greece the government policies, focusing mainly on everyday life.

“Greek citizens should think very carefully about which MEPs they will send in the next Parliament to claim and fight for national rights” said Mr. Mitsotakis addressing citizens during his visit to Aspropyrgos, launching his tours which will intensify as the time for the European elections approaches. “I want to ask that we treat the European elections with the importance they deserve. And I am sure that in this match the ND will again be the winner and will continue to be the star not only in Greece but also in Europe” he said characteristically.

On the agenda of Megaros Maximos in the “capital political opponent” ahead of the European elections, it is not only SYRIZA, which continues to reel from internal turmoil after its tumultuous congress and plummet in the polls, but PASOK is coming – perhaps even before SYRIZA. In fact, one of the main aspects that ND will seek to highlight is that the PASOK is the “other side of the SYRIZA coin”, the “green SYRIZA” as the government representative recently commented, trying to approach the political center, from which – as government sources estimate – Harilaou Trikoupi is moving away with her choices. A first sample of this political confrontation between ND and PASOK is expected to unfold during the debate, from Wednesday in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, of the bill for the establishment of non-state, non-profit universities, for which PASOK has changed the declared – on many years – his position – and opposes his vote. The climax of the confrontation on this issue is expected on Friday with the positions of the political leaders in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

In the pre-election strategy and the race for the European elections, stations are the ND pre-congress on March 11 to prepare the party congress that will follow on April 5. Next Monday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Thessaloniki and the Vellideo conference center, where the pre-conference will be held, is expected to send a message of unity and mobilization of the blue faction, while the choice of Thessaloniki, apart from being symbolic, also serves to target right-wing voters of the North, in order to avoid leakages to the right, as reflected in the national elections.