“Mistakes and omissions in the SYRIZA government they existed as in every government, however, the problems intensify and deepen after 2019 after the reading of the election results”, he told SKAI the New Left MP Dimitris Tzanakopoulos invited to comment on Alexis Tsipras’s self-criticism about the period of his government.

According to his assessment, “the political forces that are now dominant within SYRIZA, felt that it was necessary to move away from the left and change the climate in the centrist space”.

Regarding her self-criticism of Tsipras, noted that he himself is not going to comment on the internal affairs of SYRIZA and on whether they disagree with each other while on the cases novartis and television licenses argued that what was said by Mr. Tsipras, is not unrelated to the internal affairs of the party.

Interpreting the loss of SYRIZA’s forces, Mr. Tzanakopoulos noted that “in the 2019 elections, SYRIZA had managed to establish itself as a second force but then shifted towards the centrist space”.

Responding to the ex-prime minister’s spikes about executive departures, he said it was not “for a chair issue for none of the 11 deputies who left” to add that “we see a politically undefined party of political positioning, there are no terms of cooperation”.

Also, Mr. Tzanakopoulos stated that he does not see a possible cooperation of the New Left with SYRIZA as well as with PASOK citing as an example the fact that Nikos Androulakis has come out in favor of constitutional revision.