PASOK-Movement for Change MPs are asking the president of the Investigative Committee for “the investigation of the crime of Tempe” to hand over and transmit to the Investigative Committee of the Parliament the entire case file formed to date.

In their relevant request to the chairman of the Investigative Committee D. Markopoulos, which they are communicating to the Special Secretariat of the Speaker of the Parliament, they state that the evidentiary material forwarded by the Appellant Investigator “constitutes only part of the investigation carried out to date, from which evidence is absent crucial for the work of the Commission of Inquiry, i.e. the investigation of the Tempe crime”.

The MPs emphasize that “the Commission of Inquiry requested the total evidence of the investigation collected to date, as it is necessary in order to make it possible to form a reliable conclusion in which all the evidence will have been taken into account and included”.

They emphasize that “the pandemic demand for the revelation of the truth and the punishment of those responsible for the crime of Tempe makes it imperative to transmit to the Commission of Inquiry, which investigates in parallel with the Greek Justice the circumstances of the crime, every piece of evidence so that the Commission to complete her work without obstacles and obstacles, which could be interpreted as an attempt to make her work difficult”.

They even call on the president of the Investigative Committee “to immediately address the Larissa Appeals Council requesting that it decide to grant and transmit to the Parliament’s Investigative Committee the entire case file formed to date in order to enable the completion of the Committee’s work in accordance with the Constitution and the Regulation of the Parliament”.

The request is signed by the members of the Investigative Committee, and MPs of PASOK-Movement of Change, M. Apostolakis, G. Nikitiadis and Ap. Panas.