“Criminal responsibilities are imposed by prosecutors and judges, not by the government’s conclusion or public opinion,” said today to SKAI, the Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, on the occasion of the anger of public opinion and the Babel at the conclusions of the parties on the national tragedy of Tempe .

It is recalled that the investigative committee is expected to meet today at noon at 3:00 p.m. for the last time, in a last-ditch effort to find the golden ratio between the parliamentary groups, in order for the members of the committee to sign a joint conclusion.

“The pre-investigative, examining committee does not prevent the prosecutor from prosecuting, where he considers that there are criminal responsibilities. There is no longer immunity for felonies,” said K. Kyranakis.

When asked why there is a feeling that the government is trying to cover up the crime, the deputy minister replied “Of course there were omissions, we were the first to say a big sorry. The answers should be clearer.

Regarding the patchwork, he explained that “work had to be done at the scene of the tragedy so that the line could be reopened, the train could be re-circulated. That couldn’t be done in a crater.”

To the question of whether there are political criminal responsibilities for the 57 dead, K. Kyranakis wondered that “the trains were not safe even before the signing of the 717 contract and the remote control systems. Do the ministers before the convention have political responsibilities?”

He then blamed the accident on the fateful night of February 28, 2023 on the “human factor”, i.e. the shift managers at the Larissa station.