MEP candidate with PASOK-Movement of Change, will be the former minister and professor at the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, Yannis Maniatis.

“I am very happy that we will fight the crucial battle of the European elections together with Yannis Maniatis. A politician with experience and knowledge, who worked for the energy security of our country but also for its geopolitical upgrade. I am sure that with Yiannis in the European Parliament, the voice of our country is getting stronger,” noted the President of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, announcing the enlistment of Yiannis Maniatis.

“These European elections are crucial. In an unstable international environment, Europe is called upon to face great challenges and shield social conquests. Climate change, energy dependence, economic squeeze and insecurity, geopolitical conflicts threaten our societies. The answer cannot be the strengthening of populism and the Far Right. It cannot be anti-Europeanism and the law of the strong. Our strength is cooperation, joint effort and solidarity. At this critical moment I declare myself present. Always with PASOK. For a stronger Europe. For a stronger Greece in Europe” pointed out Yiannis Maniatis for his part.

Here is the biography of Yannis Maniatis:

Giannis Maniatis was born in Argos. He is a professor at the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, where he directs the “Climate Crisis and Information and Communication Technologies” Master’s Program, as well as the “Environmental and Climate Change Systems and Policies” workshop.

Graduated Agronomist Topographical Engineer of the E.M.P. and Doctor of Engineering. Visiting professor at the Institute of Economic Geography, University of Bonn. He has also taught as a professor for 15 years at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He has served as Minister and Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change (2009-2015), Member of Parliament for Argolis (2004-2019) and Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport & Communications (1998-2001).

He was President of the Council of Energy Ministers and the Council of Environment Ministers of the European Union (2014).

He has a rich research work and research project, with over 200 scientific publications.

He has authored the books: a) Geographic information systems of land – cadastre (Published by Zisi, 1993), b) The challenge of green development (Published by A..A Livani, 2009), c) Energy and mineral wealth – National pillars of development (Ed. AA Livani, 2012), d) Reforms and progressive patriotism (Ed. Papazisi, 2016), e) Green development – The response to the environmental crisis (Ed. diaNEOSis, 2020), e) The energy crisis and the Greek economy (ed., Published by the Greek Chamber of Commerce, 2022).