“We don’t expect anything at all from the motion of censure filed by PASOK and this is clear from its content,” he stressed the Minister of Justice Giorgos Floridis speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI.

Regarding the attitude of the government and its response to the complaints about “editing” Mr. Floridis said that “the publication had a misleading title, absolutely false, which was not supported by the content of the publication which stated that montage does not apply”.

Invited to be placed to the opposition’s complaints that the government is trying to cover up the responsibilities the minister emphasized that “a few days ago the conclusion of the inquiry committee was discussed in the plenary session. The conclusion of the discussion was that they did not find the courage to submit a proposal in order to criminally expel Mr. Karamanlis.”

“According to the law, when we talk about criminal acts against ministers, they don’t leave the spotlight for 20 years,” he said, while when asked how the government will prove that there is no cover-up, he said: “When I became a minister, I was told that the investigator did not he can listen to the conversations of those involved because the law does not allow him to do so. I asked the prime minister for an urgent order, and he ordered it to be done immediately.”

The Minister of Justice he even revealed that “first the conversations of the train drivers were made public and then the investigative authorities listened to them in order to incorporate them into the case file”.

He also emphasized that there were other conversations and not only those that were leaked to the public.

At the same time, the Minister of Justice said that from September 1, the accused go directly to justice without a will. As he explained, this happens when “the investigator finishes his investigation and forwards the file to the prosecutor’s office, so that the prosecutor can take the case directly to court, without waiting for a will.”

Regarding the Tempe accident trial the Minister of Justice said that the new venue is being prepared and the trial will begin when the investigator closes the file and sends it to the public prosecutor who will prepare the indictments and send them to trial.”

Regarding the holding date, the minister said that all parameters must be exhausted without gaps, which means that it can be done after the summer.

Mr. Floridis also referred to the “bazoma” which was reported to have taken place at the site of the Tempe tragedy, claiming that it did not fall “not one centimeter of cement. Instead, dirt and gravel fell in order to make roads so that the rescue crews could approach the site. There is also a natural gas pipeline at the site of the accident, which was covered with gravel for safety reasons.”