“Turkey’s new ‘invisible hunter’ is being prepared” reports the Turkish media.

The ANKA-3 unmanned bomber will be able to hit ground targets.

CNN TURK: “Turkey’s new ‘fighter’, the ANKA-3 unmanned aircraft, is being strengthened. As part of the test flights, it took off for the third time and the specific aircraft remained in the air for two hours. It has low radar visibility, and the ability to carry out air-to-ground attacks with national weapons systems. The Anka-3 continues its tests as it is manufactured by the national industry.

The ANKA-3 unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to carry a payload of 650 kg in the fuselage, an additional 650 kg in each wing and an additional 100 kg in the tips. In this way, it will also be able to use weapon systems that strike underground ground targets. This particular aircraft will take on a leading role as it has low radar visibility and will carry a large load of weapon systems.”

An experienced pollster predicts a comfortable lead for Imamoglu

“Imamoglu appears to be leading by a margin of 10 points,” says the president of Metropoll, who adds that the margin has grown from 3 points to 10.

Ozer Sedar said: “We started our first investigation last December when the two candidacies of Ekrem Imamoglu and Murat Kurum became known. Then we found a difference of 15 points in favor of Imamoglu. In January, the mayoral candidates of the DEM and Iyi parties were announced. Then the difference between the two mayors was reduced to 4 points.

In our research, which we started on March 1st, we found that the difference in favor of Imamoglu is growing again and from 3-4 points it increased to 9 points and with the reduction we reach a 10 point difference”.

Politics against Imamoglu – Erdogan a few days before the municipal elections

Erdogan: “Imamoglu doesn’t say anything about the money bags”

Imamoglou: “When he wakes up in the morning he talks about Ekrem, at night about Ekrem. He also sees me in his sleep”

Imamoglou: Allegedly they want to take Constantinople again. By whom; From the people!

Erdogan: Murat! Take care of your property! If you don’t take care of your property, then they will!

Imamoglou: What property? But they think this is her property. It belongs to the people. It’s not yours.

Erdogan: All metros of Istanbul belong to us. They belong to us. We made them!

Imamoglou: But these are the property of the people. And the ones you built. Just like the subway I built belongs to the people!

Murat Kurum: Now look, 8 steps. One, two, three, 7 and 8.

Imamoglou: But he takes one, two, three steps. I will make him walk 65 steps!. In the morning he wakes up talking about Ekrem, at night he goes to sleep thinking about Ekrem again. Maybe he sees Ekrem in his dreams too. Do you know who sees me? Why are you laughing;

Erdogan: With suitcases and bags carrying dollars and euros and he doesn’t say anything about all this!