“At our first meeting, Erdogan gave me to sit on a broken chair,” said Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, just 24 hours before the polls opened for municipal elections in Turkey.

“But now I’m sitting in a stable chair,” he added.

Imamoglou: “I have asked the president several times for an appointment. There was discrimination, He only called me when we first won the elections. Of course, I got the broken chair! And yet, yes. Then he told me ‘you’re wasting money, you broke the chair’. And I answered him that ‘in the first time no, but in the second time I sit more firmly’.

“They thought that ‘if we try to block Imamoglu’s work, then we will win the next elections in Istanbul easily’ Nah! That era is over. There is no era of those who voted for us and those who did not vote for us. The era of ‘I decide and that’s what happens’ is over.”

Imamoglu’s opponent claims that he will win the elections

“In the opinion polls we have a lead of 1.7%,” Kurum says.

“We have our own polls, we are everywhere. In the opinion polls we lead by 1.7 points. And on March 31 we will go to the Municipal Hall. That much is clear. I am telling you the election result. There is no room for laxity,” he said.

Turkish Defense Minister: “We support our rights and interests in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean”

“Turkey has become a big country that has a strong position in the world”

Yasar Guler: “We can respond to simultaneous missions such as the fight against terrorism, the protection of our borders, the protection of our rights and interests in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, the response to international missions and also to equip the Armed Forces with domestically produced national weapon systems. Turkey with its deep history, with its strong army, with its strategic position and the possibilities and abilities it has in every field has become a country that has a strong position in the world.”

Delegation of the House of Representatives in Turkey

“F-16s and their procurement process are the main issue”

CNN TURK NEWS RELEASE: “Turkey welcomes a major delegation from the US. Four members of the US House Armed Services Committee are in Ankara. They will meet with Defense Minister Yasar Güler.”

“During the talks, the fight against terrorism, the US support to the YPG forces, the procurement of F-16s and the systems that accompany them, and other national security issues will be discussed.”