The government officials who will replace the resigned Minister of State,Stavros Papastavrou and I am a deputy minister rather than a prime minister Yannis Bratakos announced the government spokesman, Pavlos Marinakis. The responsibilities of Stavros Papastavros are taken over by Makis Voridis, while Yiannis Bratakos o Stelios Koutnatzis.

“By decision of the Prime Minister, the Minister of State Makis Voridis it also undertakes the regulation of matters of organization and operation of the government and governmental bodies, and participates in the planning of the legislative project. Stelios Koundantzis is appointed General Secretary to the Prime Minister with the responsibilities of the General Secretary provided by law, as well as the supervision of legislative material on behalf of the Prime Minister” said the government representative.

Mr. Koutnatzis, “unknown” to the general public, is an Athens lawyer, Assistant Professor of Public Law at the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace and returns to the position of General Secretary. of the Council of Ministers.

Stelios Koutnatzis – AMPE

According to government sources, following the announcements by Mr. Marinakis about the redeployment of forces in Maximou, the following emerges:

  • Clear roles and clear responsibilities regarding who does what in Maximos Palace
  • This is an internal rearrangement
  • Minus two members in the Council of Ministers (a minister and a deputy minister) as their responsibilities are “distributed” to already existing members of the government
  • Makis Voridis also undertakes the regulation of matters of organization and operation of the government and government bodies (e.g. cabinet) in collaboration with Stelios Koutnaztis
  • And Stelios Koutnatzis assumes the responsibilities of the Prime Minister’s Secretary. I mean the post at the level of General Secretary is restored from a deputy minister and acquires more technocratic characteristics
  • The existing executives of Maximos continue with the responsibilities they had. In addition, Akis Skertsos undertakes the supervision and regulation of the Organizations and Bodies subordinate to the Prime Minister (eg National Bioethics Committee, National Committee for Human Rights, National Committee for Persons with Disabilities) and Thanasis Kontogeorgis the Special Secretariat for Long-Term Planning
  • The adviser to the Prime Minister Thanasis Nezis undertakes with Mr. Koutnatzis the communication with the members of the Parliamentary Group, as well as the communication with the Office of the Prime Minister in the Parliament and Civil Society
  • THE Eleni Schina takes over as Director of the Special Office of the Prime Minister (together with the file and protocol of the Prime Minister)
  • The Deputy Minister in addition to the Prime Minister, Pavlos Marinakis, continues to have the responsibilities of the media, the representation of the Prime Minister and the government.