The Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA PS, Theodora Tzakri delivered the indictment for the former Minister, Kostas Ah. Karamanlis to the New Democracy Parliamentary Group and specifically to the secretary of K.O. of ND, Stavros Kalafatis, following the morning message of the President of SYRIZA PS, Stefanos Kasselakis.

SYRIZA asks Mr. Karamanlis to put himself at the disposal of the justice system while also asking once more from the ND to commit to vote for the formation of the Pre-Investigation Committee.

“I just delivered to the Secretary of K.O. of New Democracy Mr. Stavros Kalafatis for the information of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Government and K.O. of ND the indictment with specific acts-omissions of Kostas Ah. Karamanli, which in our opinion meet the objective and subjective elements of the crimes of manslaughter with possible intent according to article 299 of the Civil Code, of disrupting the safety of fixed-track means of transport according to article 291 par.1d and f of the Civil Code and the report according to article 306 par. 2 of the Civil Code” characteristically mentions Theodora Tzakri and adds:

We ask the ND government to pledge to vote for the formation of a Pre-Investigation Committee under Article 86 par.3 of the Constitution to investigate the above crimes and to pledge not to try to cover up the responsibilities of Mr. Karamanlis so that he will be prosecuted to justice after the initiation of criminal proceedings. We therefore ask the ND and Mr. Mitsotakis to implement the Constitution, to activate the law on the responsibility of Ministers and to stop covering up the criminal behavior of Mr. Karamanlis and for Mr. Karamanlis to make himself available to justice” ends up.

The indictment lists specific acts-omissions of Kostas Ah. Karamanli for Tempi.

See HERE the entire indictment of SYRIZA