Dikaoulia announced her retirement


Finally from the volleyball courts, Virginia Diakoulia. The Markopoulos captain has announced her retirement from Taraflex at the age of 28 after 13 years with the eastern suburbs team as a professional.

In detail, her post:

“We’re done! Gratitude for everything! Today marks the end of an important chapter in my life and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to this incredible journey. It’s hard to express my feelings as I’m leaving a part of me behind, but I’m optimistic about the future. I want to thank all the people who helped me all these years and were a part of it all.

Special thanks to my coach, Gianrossi Pasqualino, for his unwavering faith in me, Panagiotis Roxanas for his care and help during my recovery, Elena Kanellopoulou for her constant support, Pigi-Anna Methenitis who is an excellent team manager and friend, the president Paris Evangeliou and all the members of AO Markopoulos, who have become like family over the last 13 years and hold a special place in my heart, as do my teammates, whom I love very much and believe that they will achieve great things.

I’m well aware that I didn’t do it perfectly, but I certainly did it my way. Thank you”.

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