Condemns the SYRIZA– PS the announcement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry about the Greek marine parks that have been announced, while blaming the government “for the downgrading of the Turkish challenges” and calling on it to take the necessary diplomatic actions.

In its announcement, SYRIZA-PS states that the party “unequivocally condemns the provocative announcement of Turkish Foreign Ministryin which he directly questions Greek sovereignty over his islands Aegean“and adds: “The unacceptable announcement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry violates again the spirit and the letter of the Declaration of Athens and follows the constant Turkish tactic of selective interpretation of international treaties and international law and undermines the promotion of Greek-Turkish relations”.

He then directs his fire at the government which he accuses of “following the doctrine of downgrading the Turkish challenges, continuing the communicative, micropolitical management of the Greek-Turkish people, as can be seen from the almost apologetic announcement – response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Turkish side”.

In closing, he calls her government, “to immediately take the necessary diplomatic actions against this new Turkish provocation and make it clear to the neighbor that such unacceptable and inflammatory statements burden Greek-Turkish relations”. “Mainly, we call on the government to promote a structured national strategy in Greek-Turkish relations, in the context of the proposals we have submitted, instead of managing them with micropolitics, communication logic and an eye on its own internal parties”, he says characteristically.