By Antonis Anzoletou

In Harilaou Trikoupi it is normal that an “alarm” has sounded. From the summer onwards, everything seemed to be working in favor of Nikos Androulakis, who had the space and time in front of him for 11.84% of the summer to overcome it and “dethrone” SYRIZA from the position of official opposition, even informally. His party Alexis Tsipras suffered a major defeat, the historical leader of Koumundourou left the leadership, and under his presidency Stefanou Kasselakis SYRIZA split twice with a new party being created from its “guts”.

The wear and tear of the government and the “fatigue” from a complete four years in combination with an official opposition that was searching for its steps was the sufficient and necessary condition for PASOK to return strongly to the political game after 12 years. Polls up until early 2024 showed him in second place, but his anemic rise was troubling. He did not succeed in the period when SYRIZA He was “craving” to make the “breakout” and clear the case second place. Everything showed that Nikos Androulakis had no other choice than to act based on the logic of “overripe fruit” and to invest in the deterioration of the majority and the official opposition.

What was wrong? He had a good program and suggestions. Housing was the “flag” of the movement for a long period of time and is still displayed at every opportunity. Capable and new cadres who have taken up the burden of representing the party in the media also exist. Dimitris Mantzos, Andreas Spyropoulos, Panagiotis Doudonis, Thanasis Glavinas are the quartet that constantly analyzes the positions of PASOK alongside the more “old” Manolis Christodoulakis, Pavlos Christidis, Odyssea Konstantinopoulos, Evangelia Liakoulis, Nadia Giannakopoulou, Milena Apostolaki and others.

Show it PASOK how does he keep an even distance towards the government and did that bother him? Or was his stance on same-sex couples and non-public universities bills the movement’s “gifted shot”? The European elections still have a long way to go and time will be tight. In Harilaou Trikoupi they believe that their course will be good and they remind that in the previous polls the surveys of the counting companies had underestimated them. Still, even initiatives such as the submission of a motion of no confidence by Nikos Androulakis did not give him the expected “points”. Despite the fact that the president of PASOK showed in the specific debate in the Plenary that he leads the opposition front against the government.

The party founded by Andreas Papandreou seems to be unattractive at this stage. There were also the “arrhythmias” with Manolis Christodoulakis and the distance that allegedly exists with the leadership, but also the creation of his party Andreas Loverdou which also cost This week was followed by the new “falso” of Panagiotis Paraskevaidis, as well as the deletion of Baran Bouchran until a court case pending against him and allegedly related to illegal prescriptions is clarified. The fact that New Democracy dominates the center has cost the “green camp”. It is difficult for voters to leave a space that provides them with security and can guarantee political stability. The counterattack prepared by Nikos Androulakis is awaited with interest.