In a dynamic way, Ankara brings back its issue questioning the sovereignty of the Greek islands.

The baton was taken up by the Turkish media who report that “Ankara reminded that in the Aegean there are islands of disputed sovereignty”.

TV network NTV: “We continue with the Greek-Turkish tension. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey reacted with a written statement to Greece’s plans for the creation of marine parks in the Ionian Aegean Sea. In the announcement, it was emphasized that the creation of a marine park in the Aegean, for Turkey, will not create legal results. In the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is mentioned that there is an improvement in the relations between the two countries, but it is emphasized that Greece is taking advantage of the environmental issues. Recommendations were also made to Greece that Greece should not use for its own benefit, the issue of islands, islets and rocky islets whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece by treaty”.

ULUSAL TV network: “In the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reference is made to the improvement of relations, but it is stated that “Greece is again trying to take advantage of environmental issues. And it was emphasized that achievements that will be attempted in contested areas will not be accepted.”

Turkey’s reaction to the Aegean in all Turkish media

CNN Türk reported: “Reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the “marine park” of Greece”

Haber7: “Greece is preparing to declare it! – Turkey warned directly”

NTV: “Foreign Ministry on Greece’s marine park decision: De facto situations in disputed areas cannot be accepted – The Foreign Ministry has reacted to Greece’s announcement that it will declare two new marine parks in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.”

Sabah: “Reaction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Greece’s announcement on the marine park”

HaberTürk: “Breaking News: Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Greece”

TRT haber: “Turkey reacts to Greece’s “marine park””

OdaTv: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns Greece about the environment”

Erdogan’s phone call with Turkish officers

With Yasar Guler’s phone on call

YASAR GÜLER- MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF TURKEY: Mr. President, our soldiers use domestically manufactured weapons and electronic systems and perform their duties with sacrifice and determination. Mr. President we are ready to receive your commands and orders.

ERDOGAN: Yasar Pasha, I send my warmest wishes and love to all the officers and soldiers. Once again I wish you a happy Bayram, I hope we will meet soon with God’s blessing. Thanks!

YASSAR GÜLER: Thank you, Mr. President, our respects. Happy Bairam.

Erdogan Condolences to Hamas Political Leader – Called Haniya Immediately

Fidan, Kalin the speaker of the Turkish parliament on Haniya’s side – Condemned the Israeli attack