In the femicides on the occasion of the incident of Aghii Anargyro and the feeling of insecurity of the citizens, the prime minister was asked to place himself, in the interview he granted to ANTENNA, stressing that the escalation of the phenomena of violence, a punch in the stomach for all of us the incident of Aghio Anargyro and for me personally, and it reminds us that what we do is often not enough”.

Regarding the role of the police and what needs to change, he noted that “there can be this culture of chauvinism”

“We need to do more in this direction, such as freeing the police from a lot of bureaucratic issues,” he noted, adding that we may have changed the course of the country but “now we are in the deep end.”

On the government’s measures regarding incidents of violence in schools the prime minister said the initial aim is to give children who are being bullied the opportunity to report and know they can do so safely.

Regarding the causes, he said that the issue is complex and has to do not only with mobile phones and publicity. “I have raised three children and I know that we must give children love and set limits”.

For the damage done to the schools, the prime minister repeated and supported the measure that the families should pay for it.”

Regarding violence between teenagers and outside schools, he noted that there is a deterrent presence of the police “we would be naive if we say that we will eliminate the phenomenon all at once”, he noted and added that we must ensure that we do not reach the extreme phenomena that prevail in other Countries.

The prime minister even referred to the songs that teenagers listen to that promote violence, especially against women.

Regarding the polls and Tempi, he said “to cover up the that there was an explosive on the train and we rushed at the time of the accident. The expert will judge it. I can’t rule anything out. “We didn’t get to have all the safety systems ready,” he said characteristically and added “Let’s let justice do the work and ensure that our trains will be safe.”

When asked if it was edited, he said that it is grossly offensive “All the audio was leaked to the media, there is no doubt about what was said.”

He argued that the only ones who have the right to express their pain are parents. “What batch?” To throw gravel for a train to pass to stabilize the ground. This decision was made officially in the field.” The people who handled the case, it is unpleasant to hear conspiracy theories.

For the choice of Mr. Karamanlis, the prime minister, to enter the ND ballots, we did not respond to the non-existent conspiracy theories of the opposition. This was our mistake and I am doing my own self-criticism”

If the opposition files an indictment for the pre-investigation committee, we will examine it,” he noted.

On the Greek economy, he said that accuracy is gnawing away at household incomes, with inflation being a reality “I will not embellish any picture. Expenditures in addition to supermarkets are also energy which has been significantly reduced and we are returning to prices of the 21

Progress has been made with structural interventions to make many products cheaper. Accuracy will go down and wage increases are here to stay. Increases in the minimum wage are greater than the overall increase in inflation.”

For the Easter allowance that was not given, he said that the country must produce primary surpluses to reduce the debt. If we have an excess of revenue at the end of the year we will see what we do because my commitment is that we will not experience the risk of bankruptcy again.

For rental prices