By Penelope Galliou

To entrench the tangible results of the five-year – now – government term from the nihilism of the opposition and the mud war that it unleashes against the ND, – as blue-collar officials emphasize – they aim at Megaro Maximos and Piraeus, approaching the polls on June 9.

While the hourglass of the European elections empties, the government side is ready to accept, but above all to face any slanderous attack against it, according to government sources, knowing that the pre-election “ring” will also include blows “below the waist”, as is the case with the case of Tempe and the instrumentalization of such a tragic accident for small-party expedients of the opposition. In addition, perhaps for the first time the race will not have a “main” opponent, which is usually the main opposition party, but this race will be initially two-fronted and in all likelihood end up being multi-fronted.

The “two-front” is defined by the current – ​​at least – opinion poll image of the parties in second and third place, which may, for now, show SYRIZA as the second party, but the relatively marginal difference from PASOK and the ups and downs between them, equally place both opposition parties in the crosshairs of the pre-election government strategy. In this electoral contest, however, a third front of the government seems to be emerging with the parties that are “more to the right” than the ND and especially in some areas of Northern Greece they seem to be constantly gaining ground, depriving votes from the “right wing” .

One of the main issues that will be raised by all government officials will be the need to give the ND a clear mandate for the stability of the country and for the continuation of the reforms. A strategy, which as a result – as government officials comment – was also followed during last summer’s national elections, posing a series of dilemmas to the voters for the following day.

In the attack on Koumoundourou’s side, the prime minister is also taking the lead by directly attacking the new president of SYRIZA and attempting to “connect” him and compare him to his predecessors who were judged and voted against by the Greek people, as noted by blue executives, putting simultaneously in the cadre and president of the Hellenic Solution. In this context, during his interview with ANT1, Kyriakos Mitsotakis compared Stefanos Kasselakis and Kyriakos Velopoulos to Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos, not ruling out even their cooperation in the long run, talking about parties that are moving in a dangerous mix nihilism, incoherence and populism. “Unfortunately, I now feel like I’m watching a remake, you know: I see Mr. Kasselakis and Mr. Velopoulos and they remind me a lot of Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kammenos. A lot. And we must not forget that they once governed together. They united the two disparate forces and ruled for four years,” he recalled. Nikos Androulakis is also in the same “plan” who repeatedly emphasizes that PASOK will be on the winning side on election night, finishing in second place.

In any case and as the time of the European elections draws near, the Maximos Palace has made it clear that no slander and slander will go unanswered. A strategy based on four main pillars:

– the immediate and direct response to the fake news of the opposition,

– the immediate rejection of any attempt to distort the positions and projects of the government

– debunking conspiracy theories with arguments and evidence,

– highlighting movements of opponents that turn their backs on logic or undermine the country.