His reaction Ministry of Finance his statements caused Stefanou Kasselakis from Forum of Delphi.

More detail:

“Regarding the statements of the President of SYRIZA, Mr. Kasselakis, the Press Office of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance issued the following announcement:

The President of SYRIZA, Mr. Kasselakis, is trying to attract attention in every way, but the economy does not lend itself to television and other shows. And his statements in Delphi expose him because, among other things, they confirm that he does not know the basic figures of the economy.

Mr. Kasselakis systematically nullifies any progress that the country has made in recent years. It speaks of non-existent extroversion at the same time that exports (goods and services) from 73 billion in 2019 reached almost 100 billion in 2023.

He also talks about non-existent investments at the same time that Greece, between 2019 and 2023, is the champion in the European Union with a cumulative increase of 43%, compared to just 1% in the European Union and the Eurozone.

It is good that before Mr. Kasselakis talks – as he says – with the foreign investors, he should be informed about the real, very positive performance of the Greek economy, which is the result of the efforts and conquest of the citizens themselves.”